Czech Glass Size 11 Hank Beads

Czech Glass Hank Beads
DMC Perle 8 Cotton
Beaded Doll Pattern
Genuine Big-Eye Needle
0000 Needles for Beaded Knitting

Czech Glass Hank Beads and DMC Perle 8 Cotton

We have tried to take the guess work out of matching hanks with cotton colours by provided suggested matches in the table below. Of course both hanks and cotton can be purchased separately.
Hank $6.00 per Hank Suggested DMC
Perle 8 Cotton
$3.50 per Ball
0492 Silverlined Apricot 761 Light Salmon
0495 Silverlined Light Pink 3689 Pink
0497 Silverlined Amethyst 211 Light Lavender
109 Black 310 Black
298 Amethyst 902 Very Dark Garnet or
3042 Light Antique Violet Amethyst
312T Luster Crystal 700 Green
348 Mahogany 902 Very Dark Garnet
356T Topaz 224 Very Light Shell Pink
412AB Silver 762 Very Light Pearl Grey or
444 Ruby (Christmas Red) 321 Red
444YR Silverlined Dyed Ruby 321 Red
451 Silverlined Champagne 950 Champagne
454AB Silverlined Gold 437 Light Tan
472 Silverlined Light Sapphire 797 Royal Blue
484AB Christmas Green 700 Bright Green
492YR Silverlined Dyed
Pink Round Hole
761 Light Salmon or
3687 Pink
498AB Silverlined Amethyst 902 Very Dark Garnet or
3041 Medium Antique Violet
512T rainbow Crystal White or
any colour
588 Green AB 524 Very Light Fern Green
596 Light Purple 304 Medium Red or
550 Very Dark Violet
652 Pearl Eggshell Ecru
691 Pearl Light Pink 3689 Light Mauve
792DY Silverlined Dyed Pink 761 Light Salmon or
3687 Pink
7205 Copper Lined Grey 437 Light Tan
7246 Copper Lined Garnet 814 Dark Garnet
7282 Copper Lined Olive Green 3346 Green
7274 Copper Lined Sapphire

Beaded Doll Pattern - Angela Maree


Genuine Big-Eye Needle

Price: $2.00 Each

0000 Needles for Beaded Knitting

Price: $5.00 per Pair. Available with or without ends.

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