Beadsmith High-Tech Pliers and Beadsmith Crimping Pliers

These pliers are nickel-plated for added strength, are spring loaded for smooth operation and have a soft grip handle which has been ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

Beadsmith High-Tech Flushcutters           Beadsmith High-Tech Chainnose             Beadsmith High-Tech Roundnose

Price: $12.00 Each                                 Price: $12.00 Each                                Price: $12.00 Each

Beadsmith High-Tech Split Ring pliers            Beadsmith High-Tech Memory Wire Cutters

Price: $12.50 Each                                        Price: $16.00 Each

Beadsmith Crimping Pliers

Price: $22.95 Each

Beadsmith Round Hollow Semi Automatic Pliers .
Makes perfect loops Price: $16-00 Each

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